Vastu Tips: Consider Vastu rules before building a house to avoid lifelong troubles.

Vastu Tips: Owning a home embodies the culmination of one's dreams and hard-earned savings. However, amidst the rush to erect our abode, we often neglect the principles of Vastu. Ignoring these principles can lead to Vastu Dosh, causing disharmony and discord within the household.
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Vastu Tips: Owning a home embodies the culmination of one’s dreams and hard-earned savings. However, amidst the rush to erect our abode, we often neglect the principles of Vastu. Ignoring these principles can lead to Vastu Dosh, causing disharmony and discord within the household.

Conversely, when constructing a dwelling in alignment with Vastu principles, it invites positive energies and the benevolence of Maa Lakshmi, fostering continuous progress and tranquility. If you’re embarking on constructing a new home, understanding the directional significance in Vastu is imperative.

Main Gate (Vastu Tips For Main Gate)

The pivotal entry point of your home, as per Vastu Shastra, ideally faces east, north, north-east, or west. These orientations attract auspiciousness, ushering in prosperity and serenity. Avoid positioning the main gate towards south-west, south, north-west, or south-east directions. Vastu recommends an arched wooden entrance for the main gate, inviting positivity into the house.

Vastu Tips For Courtyard

The courtyard holds immense significance in Vastu. A home without a courtyard is deemed incomplete. Three types of courtyards are considered propitious: in front, behind, or in the middle of the house. According to Vastu, a north or east-facing courtyard is optimal. If it’s within the house, the puja room should align with the north, while the kitchen finds its place in the south-east. Known as Brahma Sthan, the courtyard serves as the focal point and must be kept open and immaculate.

Kitchen (Vastu Tips For Kitchen)

The heart of a home, the kitchen, finds its harmony in the south-east direction, specifically the southeast corner. The placement of the stove, burner, or oven should favor the east. Design the kitchen with the drinking water source and wash-basin in the north-east, and allocate space for the fridge in the west. Avoid placing the kitchen door directly behind the food preparation area.

Vastu Tips For House Of Worship

The sanctum sanctorum, or the puja room, finds its ideal abode in the north-east corner. This positioning allows positive energy to pervade the house, especially during sunrise. Ensure that during worship, your face aligns with the north or east. Building the puja room warrants special attention, ensuring no toilets or bathrooms are above or below it. Opt for light yellow, orange, or sky blue hues for the room’s paint.

Vastu Tips For Toilet

For positive energy within the house, the toilet should reside in the north-west or north corner. While installing the toilet seat, orient oneself towards the north or south while using it. Avoid constructing toilets in the east or north-east corners as they foster negative energies and subsequent problems. Maintain a slightly elevated position for the bathroom compared to the house’s surface.

Bedroom (Vastu Tips For Bedroom)

The head of the household’s bedroom ideally locates itself in the south-west direction. For married individuals, north or north-west orientations are deemed favorable. When designing the bedroom, ensure that sleeping positions avoid the north or west. Avoid constructing bedrooms in the south-east direction and refrain from placing the bed directly in front of the door. Additionally, avoid rounded ceilings in the bedroom.

Drawing Room (Vastu Tips For Drawing Room)

The drawing room, where guests are entertained, holds significance in Vastu. If your home faces east or north, the guest room should be in the north-east direction. Constructing the guest room towards the north is auspicious. Opt for light, soothing colors for the drawing room walls. Hanging family portraits and images of galloping horses in the drawing room invites positivity and dynamism.

Adhering to Vastu principles while constructing or arranging your home lays the foundation for harmonious living, inviting positive energies, and fostering well-being and prosperity for its inhabitants.

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